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In the historical heart of florence, 50 mt distant from the duomo square and next to the very popular san lorenzo square, the ristorante-pizzeria "il grande nuti" has been working for over 5 decades. it was the very first pizzeria in its kind, also having a regional recognition award.
Destination of international tourism, but well known and appreciated from the locals as well, "il grande nuti" faces a typical florentine courtyard and is next to a tower-house built on is an example of the florentine artistic buildings. indeed, the building that hosts the restaurant is an antique religious college belonging to the "padri scolopi" of florence, built on the second half of 1600.
Its architectonical importance, its archs and massive historical walls of nude bricks, are made even more precious due to a collection of old prints. the light streams play to create a particular atmosphere, together with the kitchen where tradition marries genuinity and joins our welcoming culture, in order to make florence, if possible, even more beutiful...on your table as well...!
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